Thursday, May 15, 2014

American Legion Pvc Eagles

American Legion PVC Eagles, that is the subject of this Post.

 Please help me get the word out about How to Make these Eagles. I am a life-time member of the Amvets and make these Eagles for my fellow members. The members are Proud of their service and like the Eagle w/the decal, "Proud To Serve"

American Eagle

There are lots of American Legion Posts World-wide.  Plus all the other Veteran Clubs like the Amvets, VFW, etc..  In each Post, there is normally a handy guy that would like to make this Eagle for other members.

Trouble is ?  Few know of this blog/website..

So, IF you know of a Veteran  in any Vet club, Please help me spread the word.
An Eagle costs less than $10 in materials to make.

  I give the Beginners' CD away FREE
and charge only $9.97 for the FLYING Birds Download.
The Download has 100+ Instructional Photos to follow, a total of 60 pages, including  the Patterns of Eagle and Duck.

You will be doing a Vet a favor by telling him of this website.

Please do this:  Write down
on a card and put it in your wallet.
(don't forget the little "dot" between   pvcpipebirds   and  blogspot )

What is blogspot ?  blogspot is a funny name given to all of Googles' Free blogs.

When you see a Vet, thank him for his service and give him the website address.
If you know a club Commander, please show him this website.

And lastly, consider using your Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Thank you,