Saturday, September 17, 2016


I receive questions about purchasing "Direct Downloads" of  the information that is on the CDs that I sell on Ebay.

Because a few "bad apples", purchasing downloads and re-selling the information as their own work,
I have discontinued the service.

Thank you, Jim

Monday, November 9, 2015




 TO FIND : All my Pipe Bird CDs offered on Ebay, merely enter into Ebay's search box these (3) words:

PVC PIPE BIRDS  ,  That's it folks,  all my Information Cds will come up.


IF you would like a "Direct Download" of any CD, email me at


Monday, October 26, 2015


NEW PVC PENGUIN PATTERNS will soon be available at My Ebay Account.

I have just finished ( proof-reading ) my latest Informational CD titled: 

In the next week, I will be loading pictures into Photo Bucket for making my New Auction on Ebay.
The new Information CD (pdf file), will include (2) Penguin Patterns ( Momma and Baby ) and 28 pages of informational / know-how.

The "Momma"  Penguin uses 2" pvc pipe. 
 The "Baby"  Penguin uses 1 1/4" pvc pipe.

The Informational CD on Ebay will be priced at $14.97.

For those of you that wish for a "Direct download" at a reduce price ($10), please contact me at

Friday, April 17, 2015


The Tiny Small Little PVC Birds are NOW AVAILABLE  on Ebay.

Go to

 Enter:    Tiny  Pvc Birds  -  in the search box.
                                                                 Look for this picture:

Momma and Chicks

Special Price until May 1st.

Pattern + Plus, Bending Instructions
Using 1 1/4" pipe !


Sunday, April 12, 2015


LITTLE ( Tiny )  PVC Pipe Birds
..............  are the next project. Smaller ( 1 1/4"  ) PVC pipe, less expensive pipe.

Yet ......... everybody loves them !

 They look like this:

Tiny Small  PVC Birds

Little Tiny PVC  Bird

I'm on the go !

Tiny Little Pvc Bird
These are easy and fun to make ! 
 Made from 1 1/4 inch Pvc pipe.
These tiny birds stand 7 1/2 inches tall.
With shorten beaks & painted colors, they can be any bird.
 Simple little stick-on eyes.
One color paint job.

Remember that I sell on Ebay too.

Some craft people like the CD disks better than the downloads.  With the CD disks, you have a more lasting form of information .......... it seems that sometimes computers fail and downloads are lost.

My seller name on Ebay is:    floridajim 

I have been on Ebay since 1999 and still going strong.  Please watch for my auctions and selling of my CDs.
I can also be reached any time by email at:

NOTE:  RED HEADED ( Pileated ) WOODPECKER,  now available in CD form on Ebay.
Will ship CDs World-wide.  - Jim Murphy, Florida, USA.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cutting PVC Birds - Jig Saw Blades

Cutting PVC Birds - What ? and Where do I buy my blades ?

It stands true that ..."the finer the cut" .......... the less mess to clean !

I use either 32 TPI (teeth per inch)  or 36 TPI .............Metal Jig Saw Blades.
I prefer:  2 3/4 inch long.

Sometimes they are hard to find at your local hardware store.   I purchase off Ebay.
No particular Brand, tried many, find no difference.

Also, If you go to...  .... they have  130+  to choose.

(I have no affiliation with them.... they also sell on Ebay)

Hope this helps ........... Enjoy the Birds !

Thursday, March 19, 2015

PVC Red Headed Pileated Woodpecker Woodpecker



I am back ...... . for several months I have been tending to health problems.

Now, I am back, with some New and simple bird patterns for purchase at very low prices.

"Direct Downloads" of patterns make this possible !

The first Pattern and How-to Ebook that I will be offering is the ( Red Headed ) Pileated Woodpecker.
This PVC pipe bird is made out of 2" pvc pipe.
                               It stands 14 inches tall and can be attached to your backyard tree.
It has consistently been a very good seller.

 ( Red Headed ) Pileated Woodpecker &  Simple Little Duck


Thursday, May 15, 2014

American Legion Pvc Eagles

American Legion PVC Eagles, that is the subject of this Post.

 Please help me get the word out about How to Make these Eagles. I am a life-time member of the Amvets and make these Eagles for my fellow members. The members are Proud of their service and like the Eagle w/the decal, "Proud To Serve"

American Eagle

There are lots of American Legion Posts World-wide.  Plus all the other Veteran Clubs like the Amvets, VFW, etc..  In each Post, there is normally a handy guy that would like to make this Eagle for other members.

Trouble is ?  Few know of this blog/website..

So, IF you know of a Veteran  in any Vet club, Please help me spread the word.
An Eagle costs less than $10 in materials to make.

  I give the Beginners' CD away FREE
and charge only $9.97 for the FLYING Birds Download.
The Download has 100+ Instructional Photos to follow, a total of 60 pages, including  the Patterns of Eagle and Duck.

You will be doing a Vet a favor by telling him of this website.

Please do this:  Write down
on a card and put it in your wallet.
(don't forget the little "dot" between   pvcpipebirds   and  blogspot )

What is blogspot ?  blogspot is a funny name given to all of Googles' Free blogs.

When you see a Vet, thank him for his service and give him the website address.
If you know a club Commander, please show him this website.

And lastly, consider using your Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Thank you,

Monday, May 12, 2014

FLYING PVC Birds DOWNLOAD Now Available !

FLYING PVC Bird DIRECT DOWNLOAD  - Patterns + Knowledge
Is Now Available. ( SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE, Being Edited)

The "How-to-Make"  FLYING Birds Download Information Includes:

  • 100+ Colored Instructional Photos, detailing Step by Step Instructions
  • 65 Letter Size Pages
  • Tools and Materials you will need.
  • Where to Purchase tools and materials.  
  • Patterns - Bird Body, Tail, & Wings. Duck Head, Eagle Head, Hanging Triangle.
From cutting the pvc pipe to "Balancing the Bird", you will Learn how to make FLYING Birds.

Materials needed to Make a Flying Bird will cost less than $8.

Most often questions are:  Wing material ?  What is it called ?  Where do I get it ?  Cost ?
The wing material is called PVC Sheet.  It is used in the Outdoor sign making business.
Sold in 4'x8' sheet = $30-40.  A Set of Wings will cost about $2.

Chicago Bears

University of Kentucky 
Green Bay Packers
FLORIDA GATORS  w/o Decals !

Enjoy the FLYING Birds !

PVC BIRDS on Ebay vs This Blog

PVC Birds on Ebay vs
this Blog.

I sell informational CDs on Ebay.

The CDs contains an E-book:
(an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer.
The CDs are not a movie that can be played on a CD Player.)  


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Beginners CD - How to Make PVC Birds
Knowledge + plus Patterns


Over 400 Given Out

No Longer Available as "Direct Download"

Can find CDs  on 


  Pvc Pipe Birds

 (copy & and paste)

 in Ebay's Search Box

Friday, March 14, 2014

PVC BIRDS - Best Sellers

Often get the question:  What is your best seller ?

Far and away, the EAGLE is the Best Seller.  2nd Best:   It looks like the Pink Lady Bird is next.

I am working on improving on the Eagle. -  Trying Glass Eyes !  On order, should get them this week.  12mm Glass eyes.   No way will the Glass Eyes fade in time.
       Now I just have to figure a way to counter-sink them into PVC Pipe.  Unlike a foam body of a taxidermist's bird, I have only 1/4" of pvc pipe to hold the eye.

Also ordered a decal for the Eagle.  It will be in an Oval, have a Golden Eagle with spread wings, and will say:  "Proud to Serve" .  All colored in Yellow to stand out on the Brown Eagle Body.

Simple Pvc Bird to Make

Sold a Bunch of these Guys !

Next ?

This week, I received orders for a Pink John Deere duck, a Pink Flamingo, a Green John Deere Duck, and a couple of Eagles.

I make about 3-5 Birds a week.  Never take more than I can finish.  My health has not been the best, so no use promising more than I can deliver. 

     Also, should make a John Deere Pink for Craigslist.  There are women that live on John Deere lawnmowers........... they have boyfriends that need to Purchase them presents !  Gotta help those boys out.

Ordered the John Deere Pink decals over the weekend.  Had to have them reduced from 4" to 2".

 Craigslist is a great way to get known that you make FLYING birds.  If you haven't tried it, Try It.   It is FREE advertising.

Add a decal or two and this Pink Lady really dresses up !


Sunday, March 9, 2014


I get a lot of questions from craft builders about painting pvc pipe.  Here is how I do it.  It is very important that you clean the pipe FIRST

In the extruding process of making pvc pipe, a heavy (shiny) wax is left on the outside and inside of the pipe.  This heavy wax, must be removed from the pipe or the paint will not stick to the pipe.

AFTER, you cut out your bird, BUT BEFORE you HEAT & BEND your bird,
 is the time to CLEAN.
 By cleaning at this time, the excess pipe has been cut away, and the pipe is not yet bent.  It is almost impossible to do a good job cleaning the pipe after it has been bent.

You need to remove the wax everywhere on the pipe that is going to be painted.  Sometimes this means the inside of the pipe (near the ends).  If you do not clean the wax off the pipe, you will be able to take your fingernail and scrape off the paint.  The wax is so hard, that the paint can not adhere to the pipe.

Some people think that we are just removing the colored markings on the pipe.  Yes, those markings come off when you clean the pipe.  However, it is the main job to remove the wax.  You will know when you have done a good job, when the pipe is dull and there is NO shiny surface left.

I use paper towels and MEK (Methy Ethyl Ketone ) or Acetone.

Either will do the job.  I like MEK because it does not seem to evaporate as fast as Actone.  I purchase the MEK by the gallon at Lowes.   Acetone seems to be more available and in smaller containers.

Cleaning PVC Pipe with MEK
Here is my friend Gary, cleaning his Eagle.
Notice the pipe has been CUT, but has not yet been BENT.

A note about drying paint.
If the paint instructions say 24hrs to dry, it does not mean "8 hrs and kinda feels dry"
If you apply your clear coat too soon, your original paint may bubble.

Just follow the instructions - Which most men do not like to do !

A closer look at this Friend name Gary: 
Friend Gary

My girlfriend Linda, wondered if this guy could be a "Fugitive from the Law"
hiding behind that mustache.  Does any one else know this handsome devil ?
He says, he is a former Wisconsinite.

floridajim on Ebay

Thursday, March 6, 2014


This might sound corny'  but the Best tip for  Safety goes is:  Wear  SAFETY GLASSES when you are cutting pvc pipe and pvc sheet ( esp. sheet ) for the making the birds !


I know it sounds so redundant ,  But it is true.  When cutting pvd pipe or pvc sheet with a jig saw,  Safety Glasses are a Must.  What really happens, is that "when" one cuts with a jig saw, the blade actually cuts on the up stroke.  Therefore,  all the particles are thrown "upwards" instead of downwards.   Where upwards ?

Up towards your EYES !  You are down there close, looking at your lines, particles flying everywhere and all of a sudden .......... Bing , In Your Eye !

When it first happened to me, I reacted like all men ....... just brushed it off.   When I went to doctor to get the small particle out, I learn different.

Doctors can be expensive !  Emergency rooms can be expensive !   

I am 68, retired, and on Medicare .............  had that same thing happen a few years prior, when I had a $5,000 deductible .......... it would have really hurt !

Notice the pattern under the Safety Glasses in the picture ?  That is the pattern for an Eagle. 
One learns "how" to make patterns on my first  CD titled:  How to Make PVC Birds (Beginners CD)

 The Eagle is the biggest selling of the Flying Birds.  In prior, I have pointed out that I could make nothing but Eagles for the rest of my life.  The orders just keep coming...........

Other news:  Since I have added my email address to the blog, I am getting lots of comments.  Some spam, (as expected), but mostly good stuff.  Working on the Pink Flamingo between making more Eagles.  

floridajim on Ebay

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 Learn about the " PVC PIPE " website:  -  -  Brooks Owen has the most extensive PVC PIPE  website that I know of. 

  Lots of FREE plans, Ideas, and Knowledge. …........ This guy is the master !  

 Tell him “ floridajim ” sent you !


Long day, I worked on (5) More Eagles:  A man could Make Eagles the rest of his life and there will still be more orders. 

  I am getting GOOD comments on the PINK LADY DYNASTY DUCK. 

 A few did not care for the Duck Commander decal, so I am working on having another Decal in HOT PINK to offer.

Petty Lady !

Pink Duck Dynasty Lady 

floridajim on Ebay

Monday, March 3, 2014


Why should the men have all the fun ?  How about some Lady Pvc Birds ?   Fun it is,  I had to make a pink Lady Duck for some Duck Dynasty fans.   Here are some pictures before and after the decals were applied.

Pink Lady Before Decals
Pink Lady Before Decals

Now the Pink Lady, after the Duck Dynasty Decals

LADY Duck Dynasty Pvc Bird
LADY Duck Dynasty Pvc Duck
These sell well.  The Ladies kinda like them !

Cancer awareness ?

Lady Oregon Ducks ?

If someone wants to purchase a bird, let me know in the comment section.  The birds sell for $65-75, + shipping..

 I DO NOT sell the birds on Ebay. ....  I will in time, sell directly off this blog.

I Do Sell on Ebay, a CD on How You too can Learn How to Make  Flying Birds.

For now, you can contact me by posting comments in the comment section below.  All comments are monitored before posting to the public, and I will not post to public if you tell me so.

Place your comment in the comment box, hit preview to see your message, then hit publish to send to me.

 Enjoy the Birds !
      floridajim on Ebay

Next up:  Some tips on Tools to Make PVC Birds

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Little Yellow PVC Bird

2006 - That is when I started selling the Homemade CD - Titled "How to Make PVC Pipe Birds".

 First I sold them at the at local flea markets, then finally online at Ebay.  Lots and lots of the CD's have been sold.  It is a fun hobby.   Here the Birds in order of how I came to make them.




The CD continues to sell after all these years.   It's a Beginners CD with 100+ Instructional pictures.   It has been lots of fun, making lots of birds, and meeting lots of wonder people in selling the birds.

Now come the FLYING PVC PIPE BIRDS -  Still more Fun.

( For questions or comments, send below.  All are monitored before publishing )

Friday, February 28, 2014

PVC Pipe Birds - American Eagle

Here is a PVC bird that many of  the Veterans love.  They have purchased this Flying PVC Pipe Bird to mount next to their proudly displayed  American Flag.

  Also the Flying Eagle is popular with the motorcycle crowd - especially Harley-Davidson because Harley has an Eagle Emblem

Many want their branch of service decal on them......... like Marines, Army, Navy, or Amvets, American Legion, VFW, etc..  They are proud of their service and like to display it with the Flag and American Eagle.

There are about 14,000 American Legion Posts Worldwide.

( If  you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments section below.   I monitor all comments, so they will not be posted before I see them.  If you do not want me to post them to the public, just let me know. - floridajim )


From the simple stand alone pvc pipe duck to the Oregon Flying PVC Duck, we will explore the basics of building pvc birds.


Since this blog is new, it is a work in progress.  I will be adding a FREE STUFF, and where to get it.
For now, it is best to get known. 

 I have been selling How-to Instructional CDs on Ebay for 7+ years.  
Know as Ebay Seller:  floridajim  you can review those CDs by searching the "craft" category ", for either FLYING PVC BIRDS or PVC BIRDS.

This blog is to ADD to the Basic CDs, some  little Tips and Tricks.   
The  little "tips" should start in a week or so.

I am retired, and enjoy teaching others.  Please join in the comment section.  You can start by commenting on the Oregon Ducks.  Do you like the Ducks ?


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello World !

Greetings from Sunny Florida !

  Learn How to Build PVC Pipe Birds.  

PVC Birds

Heating and Bending PVC Pipe was invented when some plumber forgot some fittings !
 I think it was in 1964. 

  54 years ago today !