Monday, March 3, 2014


Why should the men have all the fun ?  How about some Lady Pvc Birds ?   Fun it is,  I had to make a pink Lady Duck for some Duck Dynasty fans.   Here are some pictures before and after the decals were applied.

Pink Lady Before Decals
Pink Lady Before Decals

Now the Pink Lady, after the Duck Dynasty Decals

LADY Duck Dynasty Pvc Bird
LADY Duck Dynasty Pvc Duck
These sell well.  The Ladies kinda like them !

Cancer awareness ?

Lady Oregon Ducks ?

If someone wants to purchase a bird, let me know in the comment section.  The birds sell for $65-75, + shipping..

 I DO NOT sell the birds on Ebay. ....  I will in time, sell directly off this blog.

I Do Sell on Ebay, a CD on How You too can Learn How to Make  Flying Birds.

For now, you can contact me by posting comments in the comment section below.  All comments are monitored before posting to the public, and I will not post to public if you tell me so.

Place your comment in the comment box, hit preview to see your message, then hit publish to send to me.

 Enjoy the Birds !
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Next up:  Some tips on Tools to Make PVC Birds