Friday, March 14, 2014

PVC BIRDS - Best Sellers

Often get the question:  What is your best seller ?

Far and away, the EAGLE is the Best Seller.  2nd Best:   It looks like the Pink Lady Bird is next.

I am working on improving on the Eagle. -  Trying Glass Eyes !  On order, should get them this week.  12mm Glass eyes.   No way will the Glass Eyes fade in time.
       Now I just have to figure a way to counter-sink them into PVC Pipe.  Unlike a foam body of a taxidermist's bird, I have only 1/4" of pvc pipe to hold the eye.

Also ordered a decal for the Eagle.  It will be in an Oval, have a Golden Eagle with spread wings, and will say:  "Proud to Serve" .  All colored in Yellow to stand out on the Brown Eagle Body.

Simple Pvc Bird to Make

Sold a Bunch of these Guys !

Next ?

This week, I received orders for a Pink John Deere duck, a Pink Flamingo, a Green John Deere Duck, and a couple of Eagles.

I make about 3-5 Birds a week.  Never take more than I can finish.  My health has not been the best, so no use promising more than I can deliver. 

     Also, should make a John Deere Pink for Craigslist.  There are women that live on John Deere lawnmowers........... they have boyfriends that need to Purchase them presents !  Gotta help those boys out.

Ordered the John Deere Pink decals over the weekend.  Had to have them reduced from 4" to 2".

 Craigslist is a great way to get known that you make FLYING birds.  If you haven't tried it, Try It.   It is FREE advertising.

Add a decal or two and this Pink Lady really dresses up !