Thursday, March 6, 2014


This might sound corny'  but the Best tip for  Safety goes is:  Wear  SAFETY GLASSES when you are cutting pvc pipe and pvc sheet ( esp. sheet ) for the making the birds !


I know it sounds so redundant ,  But it is true.  When cutting pvd pipe or pvc sheet with a jig saw,  Safety Glasses are a Must.  What really happens, is that "when" one cuts with a jig saw, the blade actually cuts on the up stroke.  Therefore,  all the particles are thrown "upwards" instead of downwards.   Where upwards ?

Up towards your EYES !  You are down there close, looking at your lines, particles flying everywhere and all of a sudden .......... Bing , In Your Eye !

When it first happened to me, I reacted like all men ....... just brushed it off.   When I went to doctor to get the small particle out, I learn different.

Doctors can be expensive !  Emergency rooms can be expensive !   

I am 68, retired, and on Medicare .............  had that same thing happen a few years prior, when I had a $5,000 deductible .......... it would have really hurt !

Notice the pattern under the Safety Glasses in the picture ?  That is the pattern for an Eagle. 
One learns "how" to make patterns on my first  CD titled:  How to Make PVC Birds (Beginners CD)

 The Eagle is the biggest selling of the Flying Birds.  In prior, I have pointed out that I could make nothing but Eagles for the rest of my life.  The orders just keep coming...........

Other news:  Since I have added my email address to the blog, I am getting lots of comments.  Some spam, (as expected), but mostly good stuff.  Working on the Pink Flamingo between making more Eagles.  

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